CodeEditor: IDE for GRAILS applications

March 25, 2009 at 7:13 am Leave a comment

I am working on a plugin named CodeEditor for Grails Framework. I planning this plugin to be a full featured development environment for grails application in both development and production environment. Users will be able to edit their code (java, groovy, gsp, jsp, html, xml, js and etc…) from the web.

The main force behind me to implement this plugin is that, personally I don’t like to edit something which is deployed in production environment in unix based text editors such as vii, pico, nano, emacs and etc. First of all accessing these editors requires login to the server using any SSH or telnet utilities. For many servers in customer environments this is not possible since network administrators will not happily provide this level of access rights to their production environments. Therefore, it is hard to access the files you need to change.  Finally, For me UNIX based editors are very hard to use. Graphical edit tools are much easier to use.

The second point is that syntax coloring depending on the the file being edit and code completion support is very  important in development process. Most of UNIX based or WINDOWS editors have no syntax coloring and other features which are very crucial for developers. These features ease the development process and decrease the probability of bugs in code.

Providing all of these capabilities from the web is my main goal while developing CodeEditor for Grails. I will continue to develop. I am planning to add many more functionality. Currently code completion is only supported for groovy files. I will add this feature for JavaScript and Xml files too. There are some minor bugs in the editor, I will try to fix these and improve user interface. Also, in IDE tools which I have used while developing groovy/grails application, I could not see any code completion feature for dynamically injected code. I will try to support this type of functionality in CodeEditor.  Users will be able to add some default methods and properties from a configuration file and these methods will be shown in code completion.


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Hello world! CodeEditor Exec tool

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